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Your chimney is one of the most exposed areas of your home, and one of the most noticeable, too. Chimneys bear the brunt of some of the harshest weather conditions, including freezing and thawing. Every winter, fireplace fires and furnace heating warms the brick while outside temperatures cool it – causing tremendous stress on the integrity of your chimney.

As time, weather, and normal wear-and-tear build on your chimney, you could be facing serious complications. Our knowledgeable estimators in Rockford, IL, can fully inspect your chimney inside and out and recommend chimney repair solutions to any type of structural issue you may have. Chimneys can fail for numerous reasons, but we are adept at locating potentially dangerous situations that could put your home at-risk for expensive property damage.

Let Us Review Your Structural Issue

The first step in reviewing your chimney problem is to inspect the chimney cap. A cracked or damaged chimney cap will allow moisture to penetrate the masonry and could possibly leak into your home. Some chimney caps can be effectively repaired for the long term while others must be removed and replaced. When a chimney cap must be replaced, we can design the cap in a style that best matches your home and your aesthetic preferences. We typically utilize an overhanging style to ensure moisture is kept away from the chimney’s masonry, which creates a long-lasting solution.

After diagnosing your chimney’s problem, we can do anything from making small routine chimney repairs to fully rebuilding the chimney. Typical restoration projects may include repairing the chimney cap, tuckpointing mortar joints, replacing portions of the chimney, or complete rebuilds. To preserve your chimney for years to come, we also install chimney liners, chimney hoods, air vents, and lock top dampers.

Avoid leaks into your home – and other expensive repairs – by giving your chimney the attention that it needs. If you have started to notice discoloration, crumbling or missing mortars and bricks on your chimney, it is time to call CT’s Masonry in Rockford, IL.

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