Masonry Cleaning, Restoration Cleaning, and Pressure Washing in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin.

At CT’s Masonry & Repair, Inc., we are proud to have more than 35 years of experience in assisting customers throughout the Northern Illinois and Wisconsin area with cleaning their buildings. We have extensive knowledge of various cleaning techniques and products and always work to ensure that our clients’ needs are fully met. If you are in need of new masonry cleaning, restoration cleaning, tuckpointing or other masonry services for your home, office, or industrial property – contact CT’s Masonry & Repair, Inc. right away.

Our team can help provide you with masonry cleaning for:

  • New brick, stone, or blockwork – After bricks are laid, mortar from joints is often smeared onto other bricks and can create a messy appearance. Similarly, when brick is patched or replaced, or after extensive tuckpointing or chimney repairs, bricks will require cleaning.
  • Old brick or stonework – Older chimneys and buildings can accumulate dirt, algae, oxidized paint from siding, or even staining from the environment. All of these factors can make the brick or stone look dirty. Our team will professionally clean the outside of the building, restoring the masonry to its original glory.
  • Pressure washing – Dirt, plant growth (such as algae, ivy, or mold) can make anything from brick walls to paver patios, decks or sidewalks look dingy and dirty. Pressure washing can bring new life to old brickwork or concrete and make your home look new, restored, and beautiful.

A Skilled Team for Any Type of Masonry Cleaning

It is crucial to choose to work with a team of seasoned professionals with knowledge of various cleaning agents and pressure washing techniques. More importantly, your technicians should understand the unique effects that each cleaning agent or technique has on different types of brick, stone and mortar. At CT’s Masonry & Repair, Inc., we take immense pride in offering our clients with the most thorough, pristine, and long-lasting results possible. This means that we pay meticulous attention to the important details that others may oversee or fail to notice.

If chemicals are used, it is important to cover copper awnings, be aware of and thoroughly rinse windows and doors, ground vegetation or landscaping, and so on. We keep an eye on weather conditions, especially wind, to ensure the safest application of chemicals. Further, different masonry and mortar combinations respond dissimilarly to certain chemical cleaning agents, so it will be mandatory that your team has extensive experience with a wide range of surfaces. At CT’s Masonry & Repair, Inc., our technicians work directly with brick manufacturers to obtain the latest masonry cleaning specifications and we only use appropriate cleaning agents.


We are constantly encountering new brick types or combinations of brick and stone that have specific cleaning procedures. A “sample panel” of brick and/or stone will be created to test and approve cleaning methods before applying the technique to a new brick wall or structure. This plethora of exposure to various types of surfaces and our extensive experience with today’s newest masonry and cleaning agents means that we come to your job with the most current techniques and expertise.

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